Another thing that can lead to weight loss is also one of the major factors that result in deficiency of calories. That means that if you know that how many calories are responsible for your current body weight and if you work on reduce you calorie intake by only a hundred then you will see a gradual reduction in your weight too. Eat as much healthy foods as possible. After all, health is wealth. Avoid having colas or artificial drinks that contain excess sugar. Even alcohol and sports drinks can cause weight gain. If you don’t want your friends to makes jokes out of your physique, then it is better to cut on these liquids as soon as possible. To avoid liquid calories, water seems to be the best choice.
All doctors, trainers and nutritionists suggest a healthy weight loss works at the rate of about 2-3 pounds a week. If you still feel restless about you being called fatty all the times then you make look for Lida diet pills and supplements that are available at your nearest drug store but at the same time be ready to deal with their side effects if any. People who normally don’t want to exercise and don’t want to cut on their eating habits opt for this smarter yet risky way.
Set goals that can be reached and have expectations that don’t disappoint you later. Exercise is not only good for physical fitness. It also helps you attain mental fitness. Walk or run 3 kilometers daily. Do a bit of cycling and climbing at least on weekends. Be active and energetic throughout the day. Avoid junk foods that make you feel lethargic. A healthy body is a way to peaceful mind and soul.
Well that’s not enough. You need to track your progress on a consistent basis. Track your weight, activities, and your workout schedule. Ignore everything and surpass every hurdle that comes your way and trust yourself. Nobody can stop you from losing weight so easily.


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