Herbalife is the market leader in the meal replacement shake market. So logically Herbalife products must be of good quality, right? They must have healthy ingredients, because you would guess a product gets popular due to its effectiveness. In other words this would mean all the Herbalife reviews that can be found on the internet informing about their weight loss success and all the loyal customers buying these products have a reason to be good and satisfied. I tried the product myself after reading several Herbalife reviews from satisfied customers who were saying that the product really works. I have to admit that I was not as satisfied with “Formula 1”, as I thought I would be. The so stated “healthy” and “balanced” shake is in my opinion actually not so healthy. If I think of a healthy weight loss shake, I think of a shake without sugar, which has solely natural ingredients.

Especially the sugar content would be important to me, as I do not see any connection between losing weight and consuming sugar. Nevertheless, this shake has indeed 8 grams of sugar per scoop. Another point that I would like to criticize is something that I read when rummaging through other Herbalife reviews. This meal replacement shake actually contains really questionable ingredients, such as genetically modified soy, corn, canola and cottonseed. It also contains MSG, highly processed trans and hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners such as sucralose. All of these ingredients are definitely not good for your body. Furthermore, the shake contains solely 9 grams of protein, which is definitely not enough, if you want to lose weight effectively with it. Protein is essential in the weight loss process, as it feeds your muscles, which will in turn burn the fat off. It also helps in keeping you satisfied, so that you won´t crave food directly after drinking the shake again. As a result you will look toned and stay healthy. If the protein amount is too low, you might stay hungry and even though you might lose weight when drinking she weight loss shake, it might be only because your body takes it from the muscles instead of building them. If the protein amount is too high on the other hand, your body cannot absorb it, which will also lead to weight gain.

I thin an amount between 12 and 15 grams is recommendable. Nevertheless, I go hand in hand with the other Herbalife reviews when saying that this meal replacement shake really tastes good. I tried the chocolate shake, because I like eating chocolate a lot. It was very sweet and tasted like dessert, when I mixed it with low fat milk. However, we know where the sweetness comes from, which is the 9 grams of sugar indicated on the label. I would definitely prefer stevia as a sweetener, as it is a natural sweetener, is still effective and proven to be safe. For myself I figured out that even though other Herbalife reviews were sold on the Formula 1 shake, I definitely do not see myself sticking to this product. The ingredients are just too controversial for me. I found a couple of other shakes that seemed better to me, when looking at the ingredients, such as 310 Shake, Shakeology, Yoli Yes or Evolv Shake. You can take a closer look at all of them on www.mealreplacementshakes.com. All of them seemed to have more natural ingredients. I purchased the 310 Shake online, as it was the least expensive option and I am very happy since then. I tried vanilla, chocolate and strawberry so far and liked all of them. My favorite flavor is vanilla though, because it does not taste too strong, so that it is easy to add other ingredients, as well. Maybe meal replacement shakes are also an option for you, you should give it a try.


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